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Muze central studio




Route to Muze central in Helmond


Elk audio- of muziekproject behoeft een andere aanpak.
Inmiddels hebben we heel wat ervaring opgedaan.
Een verscheidenheid van produkties en al haar verwachtingen.

Call 0492 77 04 46 or mail for info (push here)

adress : Houtse Parallelweg 70 - 5706 AD - Helmond Tel: 0492 77 04 46


laboratoire audiophil l'amuze


MCI 16 track 2 inch recorder

MCI mixer channel

a view

mic pré

corner of recording space


podium in store

control amp

happy Rik on the roof


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My Living Parts



- Hill Remix with metering
- Sony MCI mpx-2000
- DS-acoustics (muze design) 48ch. analog summing box, tubed output


- Audio Research D 90 B
- YBA klasse A
- Spendor BC1
- Audio Note AN/J
- Tannoy Eaton
- Yamaha NS10M studio
- Tannoy Super Gold


- MCI 2 inch/16ch analog tape machine with remote, autolocator
- Fostex D-160 2x, 32ch.
- Revox B77 & A77
- Akai GX630D
- JVC Dat XD-Z-505
- RME Fireface, modified clock.
- MCI JH-600 strips, Modified and used as mic-pre feeded by car battery's
- Perfectone Bienne 3ch. mic-amp pré's
- several DS-acoustics (own design) mic-amps, tubed


- DS-acoustics (own design) compressor
- Klotz RCL50m 2x compressor, modified
- Disa, modified
- Alesis 3630 compressor, black lion modified
- Behringer Dyne Pro Compressor, modified
- Behringer Tube Compressor, modified
- D&R gates series II 4x, modified
- D&R High Comm 8x, modified
- Softwares plugs, the best


- Urei 535
- Dynacord PDD14 Delay
- Dynacord echocord tape delay
- KORG Stage Echo tape delay
- Behringer Ultra Curve, modified
- Roland DEP 3 & 5
- Yamaha SPX 90 mII
- Softwares plugs, the best
- Several rooms


- Roland Mc 505
- Boss Dr. Groove DR202
- Roland MC-50 mkII
- Softwares


- AKG K-401 half open x4
- AKG K-141 half open x5
- Sony MDR-CD1700
- D&R 24ch. 4 groups headphone mix
- Minisound 8ch. headphone mix


- AKG C-451 E 2x
- AKG C-451 EB 2x
- AKG D-112 E
- Groove tube GT57
- Groove tube GT67
- Sennheiser MD-421
- Sennheiser MD-422
- Sennheiser E-604 3x
- Beyerdynamic M-201N (c)
- Neumann KM-84i 2x
- Neumann TLM 103 nikkel
- Shure Beta 58A
- Behringer B-2 pro 2x
- SE Electronics SE 2200A


- Nuendo
- Pro Tools M-Powered
- Cubase
- Wavelab
- Soundforge
- Plugins


- Several guitar amps Fender, Marschall, Roland,
London City, Davoli, Novanex, single-ended designs
- Several Keys, August Förster piano, synths and rackmodules, Yamaha,
Hammond 2x + Lesley 147, Roland U20, Roland E-series, Farfisa.
- Fender Jazzmaster, mustang, strat, Ibanez, Kramer, Rickenbacker
- xylophone, chimes, percussion


office oldview

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Prijzen gaan altijd in overleg, dit omdat elk process een andere aanpak behoeft.
Als indicatie hanteren wij een dagprijs, welke opgebouwd is uit meestal twaalf uren werk.

Elk studio traject maakt dus andere wensen, dus voor een specifieke prijs opgave wil ik je aanraden even te bellen om er een goed project van te maken.


Studiotime a day
2-inch tape new
album mastering
single mastering

for projects - discounts call or mail us

some gear in a room

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tube synth

AKG K-141

MCI JH114 16 track 2inch

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projects to listen


- Dead Dove District -
Rockcity lives from Harlem The Netherlands !

• #Seven#

• #Past a Gohst#

• #Wait Brake and Bleed#

• #Post#

• #Industrial Palace#


- some -
some recording sessions 2010 or was it 9

• #@#


- Rik van den Bosch -
Lives in Barcelona, and does have songs like an American

• #Ensueno#

• #Myspace#


- Chimney Brothers -
Willie Dixon style on 2 track 1/4 inch, a mono production

• #Crazy For My Baby#

• #I Got To Find My Baby#

• #29 Ways#


- Duffhuës -
A full digital project released on Muze Records, piano/string quartet

• #Dehli Belly Blues#

• #All I Ever Wanted#


Or listen much more by band links

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